The DellsGroup Clients      "Quality That Exceeds Expectations"

The DellsGroup represents several food industry manufacturers who offer not only super-premium quality products, but meet several key criteria that qualifies every DellsGroup client.  They are: (1) To consistently provide superior product quality that is recognized by consumers and stands above all competition,  (2) To commit to unsurpassed customer service, and (3) To promote interactive efforts with both distributors and operators to build mutually advantageous programs.  Each representative client is an expert in their respective product fields and brings significant resources in research and development, marketing and advertising, and high quality production standards that meet all federal and state food safety requirements. 


Our Clients


DeIorio's Frozen Dough

 "Making Dough For You"

DeIorio's brings over 80 years of experience in quality dough products under the DeIorio's brand. Using only the finest ingredients with cutting edge technology in dough manufacturing, DeIorio's brand products are recognized by consumers for unsurpassed quality. Dough products   include fresh frozen bread dough, pizza dough bdalls, dough shells, par-baked and gluten free dough shells. Programs offer significant advantages to operators in all segments including Pizza themed restaurants, retail and C-Store operators, and chain operators.

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De Letche Spreads

"The Original Dulce de Leche Recipe"

Dulce de Leche literally means "candy of the milk" and is from the original recipe that came to Brazil from Portugal in the mid 1400's. The unique taste and quality of De Letche  follows the same old-world artisan craft of blending fresh milk with maple syrup that creates a deliciously caramelized  confection that is similar to soft fudge in texture. Made with fresh milk and maple syrup from the Canadian province of Quebec, De Letche is perfect for spreads, toppings and use in baking. New flavors in Coffee and Vanilla will soon be available.

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Dressler Foods                 

"Making Life Soy Good"

Dressler's Soymilk is made exclusively from Non-GMO certified soybeans. The certified IP program controls the product through every stage from planting, harvesting, transportation, storage, processing and production. The extensive vitamin fortification provides RDA of over 19 vitamins and nutrients. This lactose and cholesterol free soymilk comes in three flavors: classic vanilla, plain & simple, and gourmet chocolate. Available in single serving and bulk pack sizes, Dressler's Soymilk is enjoyed by operators and consumers alike. 

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Bohr Cafe                  

"Colombian Coffee at it's Finest"

Recognized as one of the premium coffee brands in South America since the year 2000, Bohr Cafe features single varietal select coffee beans from Colombia's finest plantations. Varieties include Colombian Suprema and Excelso in both organic and decaffeinated coffees for Restaurants and Gourmet Stores. Quality blends are also available.

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United Juice Co                 

"Fresh Squeezed from Florida"

For over 30 years, United Juice Company has been the largest producer of "Fresh Squeezed" Juices from Florida. Varieties include Fresh Squeezed / frozen and refrigerated Orange and Grapefruit Juices, Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade in four brands - Froze Fresh, Always Sweet, Lambeth Farms and Lazy Town "all natural juices" in four flavors - Orange, Apple, Berry and Grape. Packed in a variety of sizes for Retail Grocery stores and Restaurants, United Juice meets super-premium quality from the most famous citrus groves in the US. Available for export.

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