The DellsGroup International Program



Gateway to the Global Food Trade

The world food industry is developing into a global marketplace creating opportunities for both international food suppliers to introduce their products into the US marketplace and for domestic food manufacturing companies to penetrate the global food market. The evolution of worldwide food consumption is creating potential for new products and brands to meet food trends and sales growth within increasingly complex distribution systems. 

Through exclusive partnershipsThe DellsGroup provides information, direction and sales & marketing resources that are needed to meet a broad spectrum of global trade requirements. 

Import Program

The DellsGroup is presently working with select foreign food and beverage manufacturers to introduce and establish product and brand presence within the U.S. food marketplace. Our expertise in "product pioneering" and market penetration across multiple channels and segments offers our international clients the fastest and most secure approach to maximize product exposure while establishing brand equity. The comprehensive program covers a wide range of services and is designed to firstly determine risk and sales potential and secondly, to provide a marketing plan followed by sales strategy execution within realistic selling parameters.

Services - Resources Provided  
  • Industry Compliance
  • FDA - USDA Compliance
  • Product / Packaging Development
  • Import Program Development
  • Distribution Program Development
  • Strategic Sales Planning
  • Sales / Product Training
  • Market Research
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing Plans
  • HAACP Program Development
  • HAACP Certification
  • Personnel Training & Development
Step 1        Evaluation - Product Line / Company / Market
Step 2        Conduct Market Analysis
Step 3        Risk vs Opportunity Analysis
Step 4        Develop Marketing and Sales Plan
Step 5        Plan Execution - Achieve Objectives 
Step 6        Program Management  - Distribution / Brokers  

 Export Program

Through our unique partnerships, The DellsGroup provides global export trade services for the entire U.S. food and beverage market. A comprehensive custom designed program can be offered that is both unique to the product and market as well as to the geographic region that provides the greatest opportunities for market introduction and sales growth. The DellsGroup Export initiatives include;

  1.  Determining market viability and potential through market analysis

  2. Sales and marketing plan development

  3. Emport consulting and advocacy - Trade regulations and procedures

  4. Securing and managing foreign agents and customers

The DellsGroup export services provide the following;

  • Market reserach and sector analysis
  • International strategic planning
  • Sales and marketing plan development and execution
  • International market insights - country customs and traditions
  • Participation in trade missions and trade fairs
  • International buyer programs
  • International partner and agent searches
  • Participation in US Commercial Service "Gold Key Program"
  • Worldwide US consulate advocacy

International Trade Partners

The DellsGroup's international trade affiliates provide knowledge and expertise in crucial areas such as import-export negotiations and procedures, customs regulations, foreign business practices and international law. Combined with DellsGroup on-staff expertise, complete program management is offered to every import and export client.