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Our Expertise:

As food industry professionals, The DellsGroup offers sales, marketing, consulting, and training services for other food industry professionals including Food Manufacturers, Food Distributors, and Food Operators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does The DellsGroup offer?

The DellsGroup's comprehensive sales, marketing and Training / Support services encompass a wide range of functions which include, but are not limited to: market analysis, opportunity and risk assessment, strategic planning with creative marketing development, and sales execution over the long term. While each consultation is unique, the following steps provide a general overview of the services we offer:

  1. First, we consult with our clients to determine short and long term client objectives
  2. Second, we integrate client objectives with our appraisal of the corresponding market
  3. Third, we develop and execute improved sales, marketing, and/or training plans for the client

How do The DellsGroup services differ from those of traditional Brokers?

The thrust of The DellsGroup's initiatives focus primarily on building our client's business through professional "new" business development and the "pioneering" of new markets and products. This entails a great deal of time and effort in contacting qualified target customers and establishing interest as well as creating a "buying" demand within multiple levels of the distribution and operating channels. This most often requires a simultaneous sales effort to both operators and distributors alike while meeting specific operating conditions for both.  

The DellsGroup advances time and specific expertise to establish new markets for food products and brands in. Our methodolgy ensures that no inconsistencies or lapses in the sales process occurs. We concentrate on seeking and securing all qualified new sales and brand opportunities while providing exceptional, uninterrupted sales service. We build a foundation of start-up customers that is necessary for long term business expansion, frequently working in cooperation with select Broker Partners who assist in providing consistent  penetration within all qualified markets.